charging a bluetti ac200p from a 200ah lifepo via a 1000 watt inverter.

Hello, I searched for an answer first, new here apologies if this is a repeat. love my ac200p would like to recharge it off of a 200ah lifepo on long trips using a pure sine inverter to recharge using the ac charging brick. I understand it wouldn’t be as efficient as keeping it dc but is this safe and possible, and would using an inverter above 500 watts increase the charge rate? seems like the logical thing to do to keep it charged so i can use all the outputs for my devices. saving for a van to convert don’t want to invest in a dc dc charger in my truck.

Using the inverter setup as you describe would be safe assuming…You choose an inverter with double the capacity of the expected load and it is connected with the appropriate heavy gauge cable. You do not want to run any equipment at max load for extended time frames. You will not see any more output with higher inverter capacity because the charging brick will only pull its maximum current.

I’ve installed 4 EcoWorthy 200watt solar panels on the roof of the camper which put out voltage even in the carport, we tried to use the AC200P, for extended off grid camps but had to keep the A/C and refrigerator off at night because the ac200p ran down really fast with just the CPAP W/O the heater on. Not particularly thrilled living in the Southern US.

that makes sense, thanks for your response. will do as you suggested. happy to see it will work,

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Regarding the CPAP. Maybe you can find a car adapter for it to run via 12V, in case you do not already have. The AC inverter of the AC200P is really not so efficient, especially in low power usage as the inverter itself already consumes 20W. I use a 12V car adapter on my AC200P for the CPAP and I can run this setup for 4 days, as the DC converter has a really high efficiency. Maybe a recalibration of the BMS can also help. And last but not least: the AC200P can be charged from a 12V source like a car directly. It can be connected via the 12V/PV input if you configure the input accordingly. Though: i don’t know at what rate it can charge with this method. It could be less than the 400W Brick it comes with. If there would be a converter for solar charging from constant DC source, you could charge via PV mode but this is potentially risky and not officially supported afaik.

To explore all the possibilities :
-why not connect your Lifepo battery to the solar input on your AC200P? you need to check that your Lifpo battery output voltage is compatible with the solar input range of th AC200P :
-Another solution is to get the bluetti charge amplifier (D050S): you connect your Lifepo battery to the input of the D050S and it will do a DC-DC conversion to be able to power the AC200P through the DC input (for the AC-DC adapter). It will be 500W maximum. Below are the characteristics of the D050S input
manuals and diagrams

great information I will study all of this, thank you.

The D50S will not give you 500 watts output if connected to a 12 volt battery. It will output the input voltage X approx. 9 amps so in this case it would output a little over 100 watts which in this case is the same result as connecting the 12 volt battery to the DC input as car charging.

This is an important clarification provided by Mr. Scott-Benson : the power that the D050S can deliver will not exceed 500W and the real power depends on the voltage (the higher the better, without exceeding 60V however ) and the power that your 200ah lifepo battery can deliver

I understand. it will take about nine hours at 100 watts to recharge the ac200 from 50 percent to charged. still may be worth it if im stationary for a while and there isn’t much sun.

You can a 12VDC to 48VDC converter on Amazon for around $60. Watch the power rating, though… you want at least 480W. I haven’t done this personally, but I have heard of people doing it.

that’s a great idea I will look into it.

I have an AC200 MAX and a 200AH LIFPO Renogy 12 V battery. I’ve also purchased two DC converters: 1) a 10A 12V to 24V converter and 2) a 20A 12V to 36V converter. I haven’t tried them out yet but I’ve seen them used to charge an AC200 MAX from the alternator in a truck custom fitted for their use - namely a 300A alternator and the fat copper cables to support the charge. Jasonoid (YT channel) was getting 196W and 400+W, respectively out of the two converters. The main difference is that, apparently, Bluetti flips from “car” charging mode to “PV” mode at about 32V (YMMV). That’s why I purchased the 12V to 36V 20A converter. I will use that to charge my AC200 MAX from the 200AH house battery. I’m using a DC to DC 40A Renogy charger + 2 150W CIGS panels on the truck cap roof to keep the 200AH battery charged while on the move. I also have the option of using the CIGS panels to charge the AC200 MAX. With a 2000W Renogy inverter, I can easily move from one system to another. (edited for spelling and grammar)

that is pretty darn slick. I’m going to save your response so I can look it over if I ever do that. For now I would be happy to just be able to charge off of my 200ah for my weekend journeys. thanks for the info mrp55

12 volt to 48 volt step up converter will give you the best results. I did a write up about two years ago here with pics detailing the process. Search my name and the article will come up