Charging a Bluetti AC200MAX with a simple Petrol Generator

Hi, is it possible and safe to charge the Bluetti with a simple gasoline generator without inverter or can the “unclean” voltage destroy the Bluetti?

Hi @mafussen , The following conditions must be met to charge our machines with gasoline generators.

  1. the frequency of the generator matches that of the machine
  2. the output of the generator is pure sine wave

The technical spec of the generator is:

Rated power: 5.0 kW
Voltage: 230 V
Sockets: 1x16A, 1x32A
ATS Connector: no
Frequency: 50 Hz
Maximum current: 32 A
Voltage regulator: AVR
Power Factor: 1 Cosφ

As @BLUETTI says above, you need to make sure that the generator outputs pure sign wave. If so then you are good to go.

I don’t know about Europe but in North America some cheaper generators are modified sign wave.

Thx… I have a Honda 2200 pure sine wave inverted petrol generator . CAn I plug that straight into the Bluetti AC charger and start charging?
Does the machine need to be in a certain mode?
Does the charger need to be turned after the 200max is
Luke (australia)