Charging a Bluetti AC200Max from a roof mounted solar panel on my Ford Transit.


After a lot of research I bought the above power station with the intention of using it in my Camper Van (rather than a leisure battery). So what I want to do now is to install some solar panels on the roof of my VAN to charge the power station. Can anyone give me some suggestions please? I don’t know where to start with this.


Hi, ollienorth. l have 3 Renogy Solar Panel 200W (69.9L x 3.5W x 149.1H centimeters) on my self-build Renault Master MWB Campervan (2 off/400W) connected to my Bluetti AC 200 MAX which is more than enough during the summer. The 3rd I use to charge my EB 70 (2)

I put 2 of the Renogy 150W CIGS panels on the roof of my Leer cap. They have worked great so far ( 1 month). They are in series and charge my Bluetti AC200 MAX with no problems. CIGS panels are expensive, but they are very light, very tough, and solar-efficient. I’m 6’ and I can barely detect that they are on the roof.

Check this post as another option

With reference to my post near the bottom of the thread on using 240VAC (or U.S. voltage) through an inverter when driving

Did you guys consider the static electricity buildup?

Brilliant that sounds like the perfect solution. I assume they just plug straight into the Bluetti with nothing further required? Is the adhesive on them good and strong? Wondering if the UK weather will cause any problems in that respect?


Nothing further required as far as plugging MC4 cable into the Bluetti’s PV port. Since the AC200 MAX has its own MPPT controller, no problems. Renogy does have its own “MC4” gimmick in that the Renogy MC4 connector will connect to the Bluetti MC4 connectors without a problem. However, disconnecting the Renogy and Bluetti (or anyone elses MC4 connectors) can be difficult because the normal MC4 disconnecting tool does not work with Renogy MC4 connectors. You have to use Renogy’s connector tool to separate them from normal MC4 connectors OR use an Amphenol H4 connector tool. A small, flat blade screwdriver will work, too.

The adhesive on the Renogy CIGS 150w panels is very, very strong. I also purchased a roll of Eternabond double-sided roof sealant tape just in case any difficulty came up. After a month, the panels are still strong on the cap roof. My panels did NOT include any documentation or installation instruction. I watched several Youtube videos for installation tips.