charged to 100%

hi im having a problem since last update to the app
when i charge my ac200max to 100% then disconnect everything and power down
later when i switch it back on it shows 31% its always 31% no matter how much charge i have
so i plugged in the mains and after a min or two it jumps back to 100% “sometimes “
any help please as i use it to power stuff late so no solar

Please try to calibrate the SOC first.
First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% via AC. During this time it needs to be charged continuously, with no loaded. Please try to cycle twice.

If the situation does not improve, please let me know your AC200MAX SN code and other firmware version number (DSP, ARM, BMS), thanks for your cooperation.

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i’ll give it a go
get back to you in a few days