Charge EP500 Pro with the "Load" Output from Victron Solarcharger

Hello together,

I have a solar island system with a 48V battery system. On this are a Victron charge controller for max 150V of solar power.

I would like, when my batteries are full, to direct charge my EP500 Pro.

Is this possible via the “solar input” of the Bluetti? Does the input have to be set to PV or Others?

Thank you


@Selfmadestrom It is fine to use a 48V solar controller to charge EP500Pro, but the input current must be greater than 12A to charge it.
Also, set the DC input source to PV


Thanks for your answer!

Just to clarify some things for me:

I want to connect the EP500 Pro to the DC-Load Port of thos Victron. As far as i know you can configure this port when it should be on and it just redirect the Input from the Panels to the Load Ouput. Like a DC to DC Inverter.

And this is fine. Correct?

Yes, but it becomes a constant current source to charge our machine.
It should be noted that the output current of the solar controller needs to be greater than 12A and that the MC4 header is connected to BLUETTI DC conversion cable

What if any are the advantages of doing this?

@Selfmadestrom I’m curious to understand if this worked well and if you could share your results.

I want to use my EP500 Pro as a overflow buffer.

You can configure the victron to passthrough the energy from the solar panels to that load output.

You can set a voltage, when this become active. So when my Battery reaches for example the absorbations or Float Charge, i can use the Panels for charging my EP 500 Pro with full power instead of my batterys with slow float charge.

Its just a Option to actual store more energy over the day.

My next plan is to charge the Bluetti with overflow energy and use it in the night when the solarpanels dont work

Need to wait until cables and unit arrives. I will update you guys!