Charge EB150 at >500 watts

Wanted to flag this thread from another blog for this group and ask if others can comment on the legitimacy / hazards of Worley98’s charging method where he put three AC computer adapters in series to an 8mm<>anderson. If you look at his screenshots he is charging his EB150 at 542w from AC using DIY chargers he bought for less than $100.


I would spend the $150 for the 500w AC200P charger, a lot less work :slight_smile:

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oh snap you right, you right. I thought they were all out of stock, but clearly not! Thanks Eric.

They are definitely not selling those for $49 any more. As mentioned above, they have the ~500 watt AC brick for $149. In my tests I was getting around 460 watts charging my EB150 on it.

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