Charge Bluetti AC200Max with 1500W inverter

I have 200W solar panels, but during the day they are not able to fully charge AC200Max. In my van I also have 1500W inverter. Can I use it to charge Bluetti?

Yep, you need more solar power :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:. But Can you use the 1500 Watt inverter, sure :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:. But watch the SOC% of the batteries feeding power to the 1500 Watt inverter. How are the batteries feeding power to the inverter being charged :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

You can have both solar power, and the T500 (500 Watt) charging adapter that came with the AC200MAX charging at the same time :tipping_hand_man::tipping_hand_man:.

Ok, I will try. What do you mean to watch SOC%?

Soc state of charge % don’t let your batteries feeding your inverter Die , I think that’s what he means ?

Inverter is connected to my battery from my car, so alternator is charging it.
I tried charging my Bluetti, and once it’s connected, Inverter starting the alarm sound, so I stopped it. I am not sure if it’s inverter, or the battery that is connected to the inverter.

You don’t give enough info on the inverter fault :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:. Sounds like the battery was not providing sufficient power to the inverter :tipping_hand_man:

Was the engine running when the inverter alarm went off :man_shrugging::man_shrugging: