Charge AC30 with SP200 or ITEHIL 100W Solar Panel

I was looking at the AC30 as nice small device to power my CPAP when needed. I was wondering if it could handle a single SP200. I already have 4 of these that I use for the AC200P. I also have a ITEHIL Solar Panel 100W that I use for smaller generators that I could try but not sure how to check to make sure the polarity is correct. I don’t want to get another unit and then have to turn around and get another solar panel.

Just charged my AC30 with a SP200 today and it took 2 1/2 hours on a mostly sunny midday. An inline watt meter was showing 112 to 138 watts going to the AC30. The 112 watt reading was during some high thin clouds. I tried 2 SP200’s in parallel and the AC30 wouldn’t accept it.

I would think with a 100 watt panel the best you will get is 75 watts.

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Hi there,

About how to choose the solar panel for AC30, please make sure open circuit voltage(OCV):max 150W,12-25V.

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I have tried 2 SP120s in parallel. When my inline wattmeter showed it getting just at about 152 watts, it stopped charging. So I adjusted the panels so that they were not pointing directly at sun and plugged back into the AC30. That got it down to about 140-145 and it kept charging until fully charged. Voltage is well inside the limits.
Usually I adjust panels to get the best power with my other Bluettis but not with the AC30 in good conditions. I always use the inline meter to make adjustments to not go over the 150 watts or the AC30 will just protect itself by stopping.

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