Charge AC200MAX with a solar panel

I have two old solar panels (a few years ago) of about 100 watios. two meters by 1 meter size aprox.
They have MC4 connectors.
Can I charge the bluetti AC200MAX or any other one ?

Unable to say without knowing the specifications of the panels and if their cable outputs are polarity compatible with the industry std. that Bluetti uses.

On the back of each should be the specs. It would be helpful to know this information, however, as long as the VOC is less than the max of the AC200MAX, which is 145V, you should be good to go. If the combined VOC of both panels is less than 145V, then you should be able to wire them in series and use both.

and the polarity of the wiring is matching the bluetti.

I put now the features of the victron MPPT and the solars panels.

Victron MPPT Number SCC020030200 , HQ153474LEH , N16741
Up to 100V PV open circuit voltage
Up to 30A charging current
10 mA self consumption
full rated output to 40ºC
Protection grade electronics IP43
blue solar charge controller
Blue solar charge controller MPPT 100/30

The features of the solar panels. I have two. The connectors are MC4

photovoltaic module
type CSUN240-60p
Maximum Power (Pmppi) 240W
Open circuit voltage (Voc) 36.9 V
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 8.67A ,
Maximum Power Voltage (Vmpp) 29.6V
Maximum Power current (Impp) 8.11A
Series fuse rating 20A
Tolerance of Pmpp 0~+3%
Weight 19.1 KG
Dimension 1640 m/m x 990 m/m x 40 m/m
Standard test condition 1000 w/m2, 25ºC, AM 1.5
Measuring uncertainty of power ±3%
CSUN Eurasia Energy Systems Industry and Trade INC Made in turkey

Thanks both. I hope the information now is complete.
I bought this material three of four years ago waiting to decide.
Meanwhile I bought two small power units for the lights.
I wish AC200MAX for the washing machine and laptop.
Probably with an additional module expandable and a portable solar panel for travelling.

What do you mean exactly and how can I determine this. I have enough electric measures devices.
I also have a portable solar panel in a bag to charge the powerbank 400 Ah.
And some other devices like solar cameras and lights…
But the AC200MAX I think is independent of all prior installations and devices to feed washing machine and laptop.

To use the panels in series, connect one wire from each together, then use the other wire from each to connect to a mc4 cable back to the AC200MAX, by connecting to the solar cable that came with it… If you google series panels you should find some pics showing in more details. While 12 gauge would work, I’d recommend 10 gauge to minimize lose. I normally add a fuse or breaker in line. I prefer breakers since it’s faster and easier, but they are more expensive. You can buy a premade cable to keep it simple. If you want a more permanant installation, it really depends on your situation.

So is possible !!!
I will google series panels !.
12 gauge would work ? What do you mean ?
Can you put an image of the breaker ?
I remember I bought a kit of MC4 connectors…
10 gauge is 10 mm2 ? What is it exactly ?
I am from Canary Islands.

gauge or awg is what us silly Americans use :slight_smile:
12 gauge is 4mm^2, and 10 gauge is 6mm^2 - I think.
I’d recommend 6mm^2 unless it’s a really short cable and limited panels.
Here’s an example of the type of breakers I use. They make it quick and easy to disconnect the panels for whatever reason.

Here’s an example of a fuse.

I need the victron MPPT with the AC200MAX bluetti ?

Thanks a lot.
Wire Gauge Comparison Chart Wire Gauge Comparison Chart


But perhaps the MPPT have own protection…

In this diagram seems to me the MPPT is not necessary…

The AC200MAX don’t have its own fuse and breaker ?

It seems to be the basic question in DC circuits.

In serie connection only one breaker is needed I suppose.

The AC200MAX include a MPPT module inside ?

The AC200MAX has it’s own MPPT, so no need at add one. It also has some protection built in.With just a couple of panels you could probably get away without a breaker or fuse. I’ve done it plenty of times and I’m sure others do too for smaller setups. It’s a habit I picked up somewhere along the way. For the AC200MAX, the manual never mentions using a fuse or breaker, so don’t worry about it if you don’t want too.

Now That you have provided some information it appears your problem stems from your use of the Victron MPPT charge controller. No additional charge controller is needed when you’re connecting solar panels to your EcoFlow. You need to take the cables coming directly out of the solar panels, bypass the Victron and connect them directly to your EcoFlow and it should now work. Do not use the Victron Connect controller

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Understood rgb ! I have not to use the mppt from victron and is potestative use an additional protection