Charge AC200MAX from Cascadia4x4 MPPT Solar Charge Controller and Two 45W Panels?


I have a AC200MAX for use in my Tacoma while camping. I’d like to charge the AC200MAX from two 45W Solar panels from Cascadia4x4. The panels run into their MPPT Solar Charge Controller which connects and charges the starter battery. There is also a 12V ACC output from the controller that I’d like to use to charge the AC200MAX as well.

The cables coming from my 12V ACC output are 10awg with PowerWerx 45 Amp Red/Black Anderson Powerpole Connectors.


Does this setup make sense, charging the starter and AC200MAX from the 2 / 45W panels?

What cable do I use to connect the 12V ACC output power with Anderson Powerpole Connectors to the AC200MAX DC input port?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Just off hand, we’re talking a maximum output of 90W out of your panels, right? You’ll get more than that by using the AC200 MAX’s cigarette cable adapter and plugging it into your vehicle’s accessory outlet.

If you want solar charging at the campsite, you’ll get more for your money if you buy a 100W panel off ebay (make sure it has MC4 connectors) because to connect your existing Cascadia panels to the Bluetti will require, at minimum, a custom cable with the appropriate Anderson connectors at one end and a Bluetti-compatible XT90 connector at the other, with fuse. Decent custom cables, even if you make them yourself, cost a fair amount of time and money. Don’t forget, the AC200 MAX has an internal MPPT controller, so you can connect non-Cascadia solar panels (within the AC200MAX voltage and current limits) directly to the MAX. (edited for clarification)