Changing Enhancer - Will it speed up charging from van?

Using the AC200P for a van conversion. Not adding solar right now. Instead, will be charging mostly while driving from cigarette lighter. Would adding a charging enhancer speed up the charging time?


Given the DC enhancer is still limited to 10A input, it won’t really help. That spec seems suspect though, someone should confirm that it is limited as stated because it would seriously limit it’s usefulness

Thanks. I spoke with someone at Bluetti (finally) and was told the DC charging enhancer will NOT help speed up charging from the cigarette lighter on the van. It was recommended that I go the inverter route.

It will not speed up charging all by itself , but it will allow you to have double (dual) charging which will double your recharging speed watts. This would work as follows:

1- Connect the std car charge cable that you already have to your van and to the aviation input cable input on the AC200. Same thing you are already doing.

2-Connect the DC enhancer to a second 12 volt van outlet (only will work if you have two van sockets on two seperate circuits or you wire up a second access point.) and the connect the DC enhancer output to the 7.9mm female AC charging brick input port on the AC200. The output voltage of the DC enhancer raises the voltage to mimic the output voltage of your std. AC charging brick but outputs at less wattage.

This method allows you to double your charge rate that you would normally see with just the singe car charging method.