Cause a line filter a power usage?


I have tried a line filter and it helps to avoid interference on a cell phone display for example (it was connected to an audio ampliefier connected to the EB150). But with the mains filter I get 40W displayed at the output power even if no other consumer is connected. Are these 40W really consumed or is it a mismeasurement caused by the inductance/capacitance of the filter?


Here can be seen the circuit diagram:

I don’t believe that the line filter can consume any power or maybe a tiny amount. The capacitors can conduct higher frequency power but at 60 Hz in the U.S. or 50 Hz in Europe, they should not. The inductors are also designed to block high frequencies, and may add a few ohms. Do a simple comparison reading with the filter in line then do another without. You may have a bad unit.

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I suspect that this is reactive power, which is also measured. I wonder if this also drains the batteries.

If I connect a 10W lamp, then I get 50W (40+10) consumption.