Cart for AC200P

The community recently helped me with a question I had so I thought I would give back and show a cart I bought/built that works mostly perfectly for carting the AC200P around my house. If anyone is interested I will post details of the item and the slight mod I did to make it work.
This cart raises the Bluetti just the right amount off the floor so I don’t have to bend over to operate it or see the screen and it keeps me from having to lift it since it stays on the same floor and just gets wheeled around. Its not perfectly stable, as it is just a little too high and heavy for its design but if you are careful and only adults are using it, its fine. The cart is only rated to 33lbs per shelf but the wheels and construction are heavier duty that most of the other carts I found that use plastic wheels. And you can see it both fits the unit and the look very well.