Care and Maintenance of EB70S

I’ve read that there are common practices for the care and maintenance of portable power stations.

Some examples would be storing the product at x% charged or not storing it at less than x% charged.

I’ve also read that fully depleting the battery while in use could cause it to become unstable and damage it irreversibly. Is this true? If so, is there some kind of auto-protection mechanism that would prevent the product from being fully drained while in use? I read the user manual and it doesn’t mention these issues.

What other maintenance or storage practices are recommended? Are there other dos and don’ts that are not mentioned in the user manual?

Please advise.


Never deplete the battery and let it set at a low or zero state for an extended period of time. That would be a fast way to damage the batteries. These batteries do not like freezing temperatures either. Storing it at a full or near full charge won’t hurt it but it’s recommended to run it through a discharge/charge cycle occasionally.

This is worth knowing. Thanks for the reply.