Car charging

J’ai connecté mon ac200max sur une prise allume-cigare de mon véhicule et il ne charge qu’à 1W…. Tous les autres modes de charge (panneau solaire et 220v fonctionne parfaitement)
La prise allume-cigare fonctionne pour la recharge d’autres appareils (iPhone, iPad…) ou l’éclairage.
Que dois-je contrôler?
Faut-il réaliser un branchement direct sur l’alternateur ?

I’ve connected my ac200max to a cigarette lighter socket in my car and it only charges at 1W… All other charging modes (solar panel and 220v work perfectly)
The cigarette-lighter socket works for charging other devices (iPhone, iPad…) or lighting.
What should I check?
Do I need to connect directly to the alternator?
Thank you

Did you change DC input from PV to Other? Is the plug inserted fully? Sometimes these things can make a difference.

Hi @AoW

You should try what @Erebus said. When you say other devices work, the output is on.

The only other thing i can imagine is that your car may reduce the power which get to your AC200Max because the car need the energy for itself. Something like this.


You connect directly to your vehicle battery

I bought an extension lead and plugged my ac200max into another cigarette-lighter socket. Everything works perfectly at 80W power!
The other sockets probably need to be bridged…

Thank you all for your replies and help.

Something else you may want to be aware of if your 12v socket is permanently live in the car like mine. The bluetti will continue to charge from your car battery and drain it. I have a relay switch with a 12v car socket to separate the car battery electronically from the bluetti when the engine has stopped. Or just remember to unplug it. Hope this is relevant and of help.