Car charging via 110v inverter

Some really good threads on here using a voltage converter for DC to DC charging.

At the moment, I have my AC200P permanently in a van with 360w solar which works perfectly. In the morning I’m down to about 60% with everything on and it’s fully charged again by lunch. However, I’m not sure it will be sufficient in winter.

But, I’m not keen on swapping out the solar for DC charging when I want to charge from the car. I was thinking of getting a fairly basic inverter (like this ) that I can attach to the car battery and switch on if I want to charge via the ac Brick charger for the AC200P.

This way, I can have as much solar coming in as is available and then supplement with a switch for a long drive to top up whilst still getting the solar too.

Any issues with this approach from those that know this stuff better than I do?!

You’ll want to make sure it’s 120v inverter and a pure sine wave.

From your battery to the inverter you’ll want a circuit breaker or fuse.

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Most Bluetti systems allow direct 12 VDC connection, saving the cost of an inverter, and is more efficient.

Wex, will the AC200P not like a modified sine wave? And I’m assuming a 1000W inverter for the AC200P 500W charging would suffice?