Car charging Question

This isn’t really a new topic just asking for opinions. I’ve had my ac200p for a while now and feel like i have its operation down fairly good. I use it continuously to keep my iceco frig running in my overland truck. I charge from solar when the suns out and switch to car mode when i’m driving. My ? is most recently when i switch to car mode (and that requires me to unplug solar panels and plug into car charger cord, which i never unplug from truck outlet, always at the xt90 connection) the data screens shows 13.8 input volts give or take a little, but the main screen shows no watts or flashs 89 to 90’s but won’t show steady charge. I’ve rebooted and then it seems to work. But rebooting dosen’t always work. Sometimes if I move the cords around it will show a constant charge. I don’t think the cords are bad because it always shows input voltage but no watts. Any Ideas Thanks