Car Charging & Grid Charging Simultaneously

Can the AC200MAX be charged from Solar and the Car Charger at the Sametime?
If this can be accomplished, then please explain the procedure.
Preference is to not have to use the DC Charging Enhancer.

AC200MAX can do both car charging and solar charging, but I am very sorry, it is needed to achieve through D050S.
You can refer to the following image, above with car charging : cigarette lighter to xt90. Below with solar charging : mc4 to xt90.

Thanks for the response. It addressed my question and was very helpful.
Below is the process I am using. Please let me know if this how you would implement the solution.
Took the D050S and connected it into the Input plug on the side of the AC200Max. The 12V Car Charging Plug with the xt90 connector is then plugged into the D050S. This input is displayed on the Interaction LCD Touchscreen as Grid Input in the upper right corner.
The Solar MC4 connectors with the xt90 connector is connected to the xt90 Aviation Cable. This input is displayed on the Interaction LCD Touchscreen as PV\Car Input in the upper left corner.
The AC200 Max is receiving input from both Solar & Car and the batter is storing this input.
The strange thing is that when the car charger was isolated and went directly into the batter the input would stop when the vehicle auto shut off was activated 10 minutes after turning the ignition off. When using the DS050S the vehicle auto shut off is activated but the AC200 Max is still receiving input from the car charger.
Can you explain why the auto shutoff is bypassed when the DS050S is utilized?

Hi @kevin , Are you referring to the problem of the machine not being able to shut down?
As the machine is also in PV charging, the machine is unable to shut down has been charging.

For whatever reason the 12V Car Charger that is connected to the DS050S continues to run after the vehicle auto shutoff is invoked. But then after 5 minutes the 12V Car Charger does not feed any more power from the vehicle into the AC200 Max.
It makes me wonder if there is a reserve that is built up and then is drained. Once the reserve is drained there is no more power coming the from vehicle 12V Charger into the DS050S and then powering the AC200 Max.
As of right now all is good and everything is working as advertised.