Car charging frustrations

Sorry for re- living car charging woes. Went on my first overlanding trip and was frustrated by the AC200p in-ability to charge while driving. Very hit or miss. I’ve got the changing modes down and use my generator everyday. So far it has worked flawlessly with the exception of the car charging. While the truck is running the Ac200p usually shows 13 + or - volts , 8.2 amps input with intermittent 100 to 90 watts output. Sometimes it charges with no hiccups and other times it flashes off on on. Only to arrive at my destination with no extra available power after driving all day. I’ve messed with the cords a lot. Checking connections- blowing truck fuses plugging and unplugging the adapter cord. I’ve pretty much come to the conclusion its the AC200p. I’m not sure what the input requirements are, but I feel like my Truck is putting out the proper voltage for a truck. I cant imagine any other vehicle doing better. Does this seem like a common problem and if so would come directly from the battery be a better mouse trap. I like the truck dc acc port because its switched off when my truck is off. Am I doing something incorrect. Thanks for any help or ideas also cord feels very warm at the socket, seems kind of cheap compared to other dc adapters ive seen

My best guess is that you are losing electrical contact sporadically between your vehicle car female socket and the male AC200 car charge adapter plug. The AC200 charging circuitry takes about 20 to 30 seconds to stabilize and begin charging and all it takes is a split second of no connection to stop the charging process and initialize all over again.

The design of car charging sockets and plugs (Not a bluetti design but an industry standard) is very poor for constant contact since they do not snap or latch into place. All it takes is a small pull, movement or vibration to stop the contact. To make matters worse, all sockets are not the same specs and some hold the plug tightly while others allow the plug to slop around while connected. The worst case scenario is driving a vehicle which is subjecting the plug / socket to vibrations and shock which can cause the plug to move and lose connection.

If you are handy with electrical items and if it were me (and I was going to car charge frequently) I would replace the car charge plug and socket arrangement by wiring an XT90 connection in my vehicle and connecting my XT90 to aviation input cord directly to that. This will eliminate the intermittent connection problem. You could wire in any type of locking connector to your vehicle as long as it terminated with an XT90 connector that would then plug into the AC200 aviation charging cord.

In the past, I ran several compressor portable refrigerators that used the “car lighter socket” system and was plagued with connection loss while driving. I wired some 30 amp anderson connectors in my vehicle and boats eliminating the original plug / sockets and had no further problems.

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Thanks, that sounds like a good idea, I always leary of modifying new vehicles. I’m sure GM won’t warranty my problematic 6l45 transmission because I refashion a dc socket with xt90 connector LOL. I would agree those sockets aren’t that great. But i have had good luck with the AC200p socket and my Iceco fridge. Thanks again. Looks like I have a new project. Quitter

Might try an extension first to improve your connection before wiring anything. I’ve had very good luck with this one. It has a very solid connection on both ends. Plus is has an LED indicator at the dash socket so I can keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t lose power.

Thanks everyone, disassembled the truck hard wired xt90 and is working great in the driveway. I’m sure it will be fine on the road now. They say if the bluetti is happy, PaPa’s happy.
Oddly enough when I took the AC200p out of the truck with about 50% charge I shut it off. It hasn’t been off for over a month. When I reinstalled back into the truck and turned it back on 0% charge. I found that odd. Oh well its shoreline charging back up now. thanks again everyone Quitter

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@Quitter Sounds like your unit wasn’t fully turned off when ya took it outta your truck??
Glad the xt90 solution is working tho. I’m actually going to be doing this same think you my outback this weekend so I have no issues with the rear plug handling my toys.

Here’s a link to a post @Scott-Benson made regarding standby mode.

I’m pretty sure it was off. But not positive. Its fully charged up and running. Overlanded in South Dakota and the Ac200p ran the fridge, small heater in the roof top tent got down in the 40’s. 30% charge left in the morning to make my 12 cup percolated coffee. Got to have that coffee to pet the Bison next to my truck. Love this solar stuff. Should have figured this out when I was younger. Good luck with your Adventures

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