Car charging 200 max

New to the site. We have a 200 max we plan on using in our van build. My question may have been asked before but I don’t see an answer.
I want to hook up a 3000 watt inverter( had it from our rv) to our van battery. Use the ac brick adapter plugged into the inverter to charge the 200 max while we drive and only when we drive.Is it feasible or is it a no go? Thanks

Yes it is feasible assuming you use sufficiently large cable between your vehicle battery and your inverter and also that your vehicle has sufficient additional alternator capacity to power your inverter without overheating the alternator.

The alternator is rated at 180 amps. We don’t intend on running else off of it except the ac adapter to charge the 200 max as we drive. We were thinking 4 gauge wire with an inline fuse of 150 amps.

That should be more than heavy duty enough