Car charger question for eb3a

Hello all. It’s been a while since this topic came up so thought I’d ask again since I just received my spiffy new eb3a unit! Looking forward to using it on an upcoming road trip, for now relying on charging in the car while driving. The “official” charging cable is a bit too short for comfortable placement, so wondering if anyone has a “tried and true” longer cable recommendation? I’ve seen this one, which would be perfect, mentioned:

GINTOOYUN 12V DC 8mm Car Cigarette Lighter Cable, DC7909 7.9 x 5.5mm Car Charger Power Supply Cord,12V Cable for Car DVR,Bluetooth Speakers,Camera,GPS,Laptop 17

Amazon reviews seem promising except for the one guy who discovered the wiring was backwards on his, LOL.
Thanks for any input on this!

Hi! Looks like that cable should do the trick for you. Generally, Bluetti power stations just won’t charge if the polarity is reversed, it shouldn’t damage the unit.

what is the polarity is the center pin positive

Warning some (maybe dependent on firmware) EB3A wont charge on 12V
My Unit needs 13,5V to properly charge on DC
13,8V is the Charging voltage of lead acid batterys.

Modern Cars (Euro6) Only charge wen Braking/ decelerating. in normal operation they don’t continuously charge the battery and the battery get quite low ( to about 12V)

Also If your Car is a modern Hybrid or Electric its 12V output is about is maybe 12V.

Some EcoFlow models work down to 10V input but my Bluetti EB3A needs well above 12V to charge at all.

Yes, the center pin is the positive with these cables as far as I’m aware.