Capresso Model #426 5 cup mini-drip coffee maker

I had promised a report on this coffee maker once I received it, in use with the EB70. The coffee maker says Jura Inc. on the bottom, which as I recall is a pretty big name in coffee makers in Europe.

Works like a charm, pulling 535-540 watts from the EB70, to make 5 cups in about 5-7 minutes…not the fastest in the world, but great coffee, and pretty full featured for such a little device. Once it was done making the coffee, the watts drop to zero, and I then unplugged it.

The manual says it will automatically keep the coffee warm for up to two hours before auto shutoff, so I do not know whether the heater element cycles off and on to keep the pot warm.
Also has the clock function to start the brew at a set time, but again have not tested that feature.

At least I can report that it works well with the EB70, and causes no shutdowns.


Thanks for the report, I’ve been looking for a low wattage coffee maker.

Awesome! That’s great to hear! — Thanks for the report. Much appreciated!

@whmccr8 nice! Thanks again for sharing man. I’m definitely gonna check out this model.

Here is the Amazon link (I think) for the coffee maker mentioned above. Price not bad either.


I use a Chulux single serve coffee maker with my EB70S. It uses the K-pods and draws 677 watts, not fast but efficient. Very small profile for storage and comes in many different colors.

Jura is one of the best coffee makers in the world. I own a “cheaper model” the E6. It is roughly 1500.00 and it doesn’t go camping obviously. Family member has the 3,000.00 model and it is still going perfectly 13 years later. Sent back to factory for one tune up, cleansing and sharpening the bean grinders… Incredible coffee, experiment with the different beans and stay away from the oily beans, it will clog up your Jura. I am staying with my low budget Chulux for camping!! Enjoy