Cant Switch On Turbo Charging Mode

EB3A. Is it real to charge the item with input AC 350W (AC 220V)? When I switch on turbo charging in app I have never seen the same indication on LCD EB3A and I have never seen input more 300W on the screen. Sometimes it is only 267W max. One day I charged 0-100% in more than 2 hours (with turbo charge), next day it was complete charging in 90 min… Does anyone has the same problems? Is it normal?
These were the same air temprerature about 20 C. Latest firmware.


The rate of charging is heavily dependant on the internal temperature of the inverter and battery at the time of charging. For example if you just completed a discharge at a high rate of load, the EB3a will be warm and will not charge at the fastest rate. You should experience the fastest charge after the unit is completely cool and has charged at least 10% from being fully discharged. The charge rate will also taper off when the state of charge Percentage is towards the upper 20% of its range. For example 80 to 100% state of charge will be slower than less than that.

Why I’ve never seen this light? :disappointed_relieved:

Does your indicator light when you turn on turbo in app?

@juv4uk Yes, in turbo mode this light will be on

The most likely reason that you have never seen this light is that you have never charged in Turbo mode. This could be caused by not selecting Turbo mode in the app and charging in that mode under battery temps that are not too warm to support Turbo mode.

Same issue here, just received my unit brand new, today.

Hi, I got mine a few hours ago and my room temperature is 18°, I connect to the app and select the turb mode but dont get the turbo mode. Another thing is the wireless charger stop after few seconds, I switch the phones and the output is around 5w.

@webysther I suggest that you do a full cycle of charge and discharge when you get the unit. Then switch on Turbo charging mode to test again.