Cant reach anyone!

I ordered a EB55 and 200W solar panel. I received the solar panel but not the generator. Bluetti charged my account for ALL the money.

I cant reach anyone to find out whats happening or why. Phone is no good, no one answers and voice mail is full. Tried to reach tech department, ALSO no answer!

Anyone know who to contact or reach? This is customer support for this product? Thinking about canceling for my money back and go over to Jackery.

Thank you,

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The panel and the EB55 will almost always ship separately and will not arrive at the same time. The system only allows for one tracking number per order and that is why you don’t see two tracking numbers. Be patient, it will arrive.

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I have purchased 2 AC300 + B300 with additional batteries ($$$$$). Neither unit will charge and I cannot get anyone to email or respond by phone. I’m getting really nervous myself. They should have engineers in customer service at these price points


Sorry for the inconvenience.
Could you pls let me know your order number? I’ll check it for you.

Hi @RichardTaylor,

Sorry for your problem.
Pls don’t worry, we’ re always here.
Can you tell me what happen and send me a video showing the problem?


I finally received my EB55 today, thank you. However it will not charge my phone. I have a new Samsung s22Ultra and have other wireless devices that charge it.

The phone does have a cover, not thick, i removed the cover but the phone still did not receive a charge from the battery. Please advise.

Thank you,
Karen Davenport.

Never mind, i needed to lay the phone on it just right.

Thank you!


Glad to see you got your phone to charge after changing the orientation of your phone on top of the charger

May 25 2022 - What you describe in this post is happening to me :pensive: