Can't power off my AC300 when it's plugged into AC

If my AC300’s 120V AC power cord is connected I can’t seem to find a way to power the unit off.

When I long-press the Power button I get this screen:

The message is hard to read. It says

Shut down system completely?
Please turn the PV & Grid input switches off.

I can find no way to get past this screen and shut down the AC300.

There’s no way to answer “yes” to this question, and the amber Grid Input State oval does not seem to be clickable. I don’t know what the “Grid input switch” might be.

I’m in Customized UPS mode with grid charging disabled but I get the same behavior whether or not it’s enabled. AC and DC outputs are both off.

If I switch to Standard UPS mode the AC input begins to charge my battery, but when I attempt to power off I get the same screen above.

I have to unplug the AC cord if I want to be able to shut down the unit.

Obviously I’m missing something. Can someone please tell me what that is?

I don’t know if it can be done while plugged in. It is part of the reason I built my setup with a surge protector that can be turned on and off without having to physically unplug at the wall.

That is the design feature to start up when charging voltage is present


I knew about the start-up feature because I briefly had an AC200 Max that I used only with PV. I disconnected the PV prior to shutting down so didn’t experience the refusal to shut down in the presence of PV with that device.

I know people are complaining about being unable to disable this auto-start feature, but given that that’s Bluetti’s design philosophy I guess it makes sense that (1) shutdown would be prevented when there’s PV, and (2) that AC would be treated the same way.

IMHO it’s a poor choice though that even when the AC has nothing whatever to do - I’ve disallowed both battery charging and load powering - its presence still prevents shutdown.

I guess “the PV & Grid input switches” refers to whatever the user’s methods are for physically terminating the connections.

Thanks for your prompt reply.