Can't order Bluetti D300S (tried for 2 months_ even though it is supposedly "shipping" this week!

Since memorial day I have been trying to order the PV Voltage Step Down Module D300S which lets you use bluetti with rigid roof mounted solar panels - but to this moment I still cannot place an order for this product - and yet the whole time it has said it will ship late July and we are currently in the last week of July. I have solar panels that were installed that cannot be used for a system that is supposed to be supportive of alternative energy solar energy.

Hi @mountainLight , I am very sorry. We have just confirmed with our operations staff that the D300S will be delayed until about the end of September due to a delay in the factory’s delivery schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Is there any way that I can place a pre-order for it now even though it will not ship until the end of September?