Cant download Bluetti App to brand new Tablet

Hello - this morning i purchased a new small (7inch) tablet so that I can keep all my apps that i use for my weather station, security system ( Dlink), boiler (NTI net) - and a couple of others. I was able to download and use all of these ( from Google Play store) except you guessed it - the Bluetti app!! When i bring it up on the Google play store , it says not compatible with this device. It is a a brand new ONN 7 inch tablet - runs Android 11 ( Go edition) 2 GB RAM with 32 GB of storage. Anyone else running something similar with the Bluetti App???

I run it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A (10.5 inch screen and 32GB) with Android 11 just fine (I am typing on it now). I also have it on my Samsung S21 phone with Android 12, which allows me to monitor my setup (dual AC300 with Fusion Box Pro and eight B300 batteries) away from my home.

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Thanks - tried again today and no luck. I wonder if it is related to the GO edition of Android 11?? Hoping Bluetti will comment on this.

@woody715 You can download BLUETTI APP with your cell phone, right? Only the new tablet can’t?

Today the Bluetti app is not working on my Samsing Galaxy Tab A, which has Android 11. The app version is 1.3.9. The app stays on the opening screen and does not see through Bluetooth or WiFi my AC300 setup. This is the screen that it stays on:

I uninstalled the app, downloaded it and installed it again. The app still does the same. My tablet has not been updated or changed, nor has the AC300 firmware been updated (I cannot do it anyway!), so something happened to the app.

P.ease help since this will affect othe users.

@Raymondjram Please log out first and then log back in again to see if it can be resolved.

Hi Bluetti - I have the app already on an Iphone. It will not download from the Google Play store to my new ONN Tablet that has Android 11 ( GO Edition). Other apps can be downloaded successfully to the new tablet .I bought the new tablet so that I could leave the Bluetti app running on it during a power outage so that I could continuously monitor the system without having to look at my phone. I am disappointed that when i try to download Bluetti app from the Google Play store, that it will not allow on my new tablet. Is the Bluetti App compatible with Android 11 ( Go Edition)? My new tablet has 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage. What are the compatibility specs for the Bluetti App? Thank-You

@woody715 Thank you for your feedback. Our software team is already analyzing it. I will let you know as soon as there is any new info.

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Just an FYI. I use a Chromebook and it also is not compatible with it. Should it be?
Version 111.0.5563.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thank You Bluetti. I hope it can be corrected.

Hello Bluetti - any updates on this yet? Thank-You.

I have forwarded it to the R&D team again, but I have not received an accurate answer yet. Will keep following up for you. I will let you know once I have an answer

I also encountered this on several tablets, one of my phones, and my chromebook.
I think the app looks for a VERY specific screen size.
I even got an error message about that on one of my devices.
It’s pretty frustrating.

@jCs Can you also provide the model and software version of your tablet?
Is the error message you are referring to an error reported after opening the app? Could you tell me what error was reported?
I will check with the relevant engineers according to the information you provided

Hi Bluetti - here is the information on my tablet:

Device Name = ONN 7 Tablet Gen 3

Model and hardware = 100071481

Android Version = 11

Custom Build version = alps-mp-r0 mp5-V4 183

Build Number =RP1A 200720.011 release keys

Received, I’ll keep you updated on the APP test results.