Cannot sign up via app. Wrong verification code.

I’m trying to use my site login for the android app and it’s telling me it can’t find an account so I figure to just register an new account through the android app using the same email. I get a verification code in my inbox but the app is not accepting it. The email that came in was also in Chinese although I picked United States in the app.

Anyone with the same issue? Fortunately I can still use the Bluetooth feature to connect to my EB3A

Hello, Shinyballs! Is the problem still exist? As you mentioned, I can see there are 2 types of problems. 1st for the Language without location adaption for english. 2nd for the verify code enter but won’t work. Am i right?

Hi dongeyoung, I tried again after making this post and I was able to successfully create my account and bind my device. The confirmation email was in English this time around. Thank you.

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