Cannot operate from touch screen but from Bluetooth?

I have a problem with my AC200Max. When I try to turn AC or DC on or of via touchscreen the window “Do you want to turn on ?” opens, but when touching “YES” nothing happens. If i connect via App and Bluetooth I can turn both on and off.
Is there a way to “reset” the system? Wrote to customer care 5 days ago but guess what…no reaction. If I am on the road and the cell phone is empty i can`t recharge because I need Bluetooth and App to start the Bluetti recharge via USB.
Any ideas?

This is what it looks like!

Touching “ein” oder “aus” does not change anything. Changing the setting via app works instantly.

Hi @Magnus , Sorry for late reply.
Do you mean that you can only control the machine through the mobile app and not through the touch screen, right? If so, I would like to ask if you have upgraded to the latest software? Have you tried to restart the machine?

I also have this problem with my AC200Max. To turn either AC or DC on or off I must use the Bluetooth app as using the screen doesn’t operate the change, the app also says I have the latest updates according to my Bluetooth app. It means nobody else in the family can operate the Bluetti AC200Max unless I am home with the mobile phone and the relevant app.
Need a remedy please.

Unit was exchanged so now I can compare the fanless and the fanned power supply unit. The fanned one charges with about 80 Watts more than the 400 watts fanless one and is loud enough to disturb me in the night when sleeping in the same room. Still not possible to get access to the condition of the single battery cells from the menue but apart from that and the 24 days the whole exchange procedure took everything is fine for now. Will keep the box this time in case i’ll have to send the unit for exchange again.

Hi @Reddragon , We recommend that you contact support dept via as soon as possible with a video or picture of the display failure and include the machine serial number (S/N located on the bottom of the machine) for further resolution.
We felt deeply sorry for the inconvenience.