Canceled one of my 2 EP500 pro. Fee 8%

Just wanted to let you know if you want to cancel Bluetti charges 8% fee to cancel. Ugly but true.

Since this was not a product order but rather crowd funding with substantial price reduction, I’m not sure the 8% is unreasonable. If the product was in general distribution and you ordered the product but had not yet received it, I would think 8% was a little steep.

I need more intel before I consider cancelling, but this is still good to know. Thx

I just cancelled one . I got the notice that they are refunding less 8% in my case about $375.00
I am keeping my other EP500pro which is without all of the goodies to hook 2 together.
I have great interest in the B300 to add on to the EP500pro but they are less KW than the EG$ LifePower for the same money 5.12kWh verses 3.00 kwh m/l. In the meantime I have ordered 2 of these and when more come in, 2 more. Around $1500 each. Buying at Signature solar. They will have more in about 2 weeks. 48V

EG4 LiFePOWEREG4 Lithium Batteries | 5.12kWh Capacity | 5 Year Warranty.