Cancel my order SPF-EU-18703

I made an order on November 26, 2022. So far, the goods have not been delivered. I have already requested a refund twice. I was told that I can only return the money for the goods, but not for the transportation, since it has already been shipped. BUT I DON’T HAVE A PRODUCT! AND DELIVERY TO GERMANY TO THE WAREHOUSE YOU HAVE FREE! Please CANCEL the SPF-EU-18703 order and refund me the full amount of the order for the product + shipping. I’ve been waiting for two months and I can’t wait any longer! Thank you.

Welcome to the forum @DmytroYarovyi
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Theres been a couple holidays but support is back and catching up on everything. @BLUETTI will get you taken care of.

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@DmytroYarovyi , Based on your emergency, I have helped you to confirm with order support.
Your order has been shipped, but it shows Unfulfilled because the tracking number has not been returned yet, so don’t worry.
Here is the tracking number tracking address, you can check it by yourself.

Thanks again for your understanding.

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