Can you translate app on French ??

Can you translate app on French ?


@Jeff_bzh Thank you for your feedback.
Currently, BLUETTI APP only supports English Chinese Japanese German. I will submit your suggestion to the APP development department and hope to add French soon.


Thank you Very much . Bluetti :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::kissing_heart:

On topics like this generaly i would use this forum as a nice platform to make perfect translations. We have many forum members (including me) that have a other native language than english and can help to translate it how it should be.

I know a great example from the Linux Community. App developers posting their Strings that they use in their App (Like headlines, safety text, Buttons and so on) in a forum and which is organazited in diffrent languages.

When a developer wants to translate his App into a specific language they post it in this language forum and get translation from native speakers.

Maybe this would be a great idea to support much more languages in the App, manuals and other text like local Ads.


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It has been confirmed by the APP development department that the French version is expected to be ready for the latest version of BLUETTI APP in mid-August.
At that time, you will be notified of the update when you log in to the app. :)


@Selfmadestrom The forum inside BLUETTI APP uses the Discourse source code. This makes the multi-language option of APP-Forum module more difficult to develop.
If you use it on the web side of your computer, you can translate it into the language you want with one click according to the translation function embedded in your browser.

We still appreciate your suggestion and sharing, I will submit it to APP translation team.

Une bonne nouvelle…merci BLUETTI!