Can you regulate the ac or dc power while charging in car?

I saw a review where the ac200p was pulling over 300 watts from the ac outlet to charge. My 2015 grand caravan has an ac outlet but it’s rated at 150 watts.

Is there anyway to regulate the ac draw so it won’t blow my cars ac jack? I wanted to charge this as I drive.

I am not sure what my dc jack is rated at or what the ac200p pulls while charging but hopefully since I don’t have solar panels I can get this charging while I drive without blowing fuses.

The ac charging load is going to be closer to 500 watts not 300. The charging rate is around 400 and you will need more than 400 watts to convert and charge at the 400 watt rate. I do not know of a way to limit the charge rate other than finding a charger that only outputs 100 watts which in that case you may just as well use your 12 volt DC car charge option.