Can you over-panel a B230?

I have an extra line of solar coming into the house - five 200 watt panels wired in series. It does a great job with an AC200p, but can I connect a B230 to it, or will it fault out?

Generally, it depends on the voltage. It would be totally OK if the combined open circuit voltage adds to less than the max that the b230 will support you are fine. You can exceed current, just never voltage.

Come to think of it, the B230 doesn’t have a built in MPPT for solar charging. So I don’t think you can wire solar directly to it can you?

@snowstorm You can charge the B230 via solar with the Bluetti D050S Enhancer. But it’s limited to 12-60VDC / 10A so potentially 500w input.

OP @markieboy711 make sure your current series solar string isn’t outputting more then 60v when you use the enhancer… probably will need to break your line up into series/parallel configuration. :metal:

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