Can you keep Bluetti solar panels connected indefinitely?

I was wondering if you can keep the Bluetti solar panels connected together and just keep them that way instead of constantly disconnecting them after use. I can’t see why not. (?)

Don’t take my answer as official but in my testing over the last week I would say yes you can. When the unit gets to 100% it will stop charging from solar and only resume when it loses 1 or 2% of the capacity attempting to keep the battery at 100%. I’ve read somewhere or maybe saw it on a video it should not impact the battery in any way, I’m still new to this so take my reply with a grain of salt.

I found out through an earlier question the power is always pulled directly from the battery, so even though you are charging and pulling power at the same time it is not passed through directly from the solar panel rather from the solar panel to the battery to the output, so you are always draining the battery for output power.


@rss0900 ya hit it right on the head! Yes, you can keep the panels hooked up 24/7 and the unit will keep drawing available power to charge.

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Thanks. :slight_smile: And even when I have them disconnected from the unit…can keep the panels all hooked together and just stack them against the wall I assume. Looking for ease of use and not having to disconnect those connections.

@Lara sure! You can leave them connected but I would recommend at least closing them up or covering them because they will still be “looking for sun” and outputting voltage at the end of the mc4 cables. This will just save some “wear” on your panels and extend the life even tho not completely necessary. :slight_smile:

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