Can you connect more than 2 EP500 units together?

I have 2 power wall units from Tesla on order, but it is backorder indefinitely. I’m curious if it would be possible to connect more than 2 EP500 units, say 6 of them, to have a total capacity of 30.6 KWh, which would be more than the 2 power walls I have on order (13.5 KWh each, 27 KWh total). Is this possible? The website seems to indicate only a max of 2 combined

You can only put two in parallel in a split phase mode for 240 VAC. You must NEVER put two or more in a direct parallel mode as with DC sources, because the AC power will not be in phase as how the power utilities put their generators in phase. I don’t know if the EP500 will allow that.

The only alternative I can see for now is splitting the total load into separate circuits that each EP500 can handle by itself. Maybe in the future some Bluetti/Maxoak engineer can forsee the future of home power and design phase synchronization into every new product for true parallel applications.

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It is not allowed to connect more than 2 EP500 at present. It needs our tech workers to explore and will be available in the future.