Can you connect 2xPV120 in parallel safe with 12,2 A to EB3A?

Hallo is it safe to connect 2 solar pannels in parallel with 6,1 A each to the EB3A ? The max solarinput for the EB3A is 8,5 A but with 2xPV120 it will be 12,2 A. Or is this safe overpanneling within the max Voltage ?
Thanks and greetings Rob.

Hi @RobL ,This depends on the open circuit voltage of your solar panel and has little to do with the input current. As long as it is within the VOC range of EB3A (12-28V) it can be charged.

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Putting the two panels in parallel will add the current up to the EB3A maximum input of 8.5 A even if the two can provide 12 A. The output voltage in parallel will be the same. One caution: If one of the panel gets less light than the other (shading, dirt, sun angle, etc.), the panel generating the lower voltage will pull the other down. You can test it out ourself. Place them in parallel and shade one of them while reading the output voltage.

Putting them in series adds the voltages together and just limits the current to 6 A but the shading affect them much less. Be sure that the sum of both panel voltages never exceeds the MPPT limit of your EB3A.

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