Can you charge any Bluetti solar generators with wind?

I’m carrying on working out details for a portable and home energy storage system and was wondering if any of the solar generator’s (EB/AC series etc) can take input from a wind generator like this one (used on boats normally):

It says it has DC output only, so i think i’ll need some kind of inverter to make that AC to be able to plug into an input? Anyone have any info on if this possible with the Bluetti products?

@CK0Co2 anything plugged into the input for charging should be DC. Even the AC wall bricks convert the AC to DC current before entering the sogen.

These wind turbines look great on paper but from most everyone I’ve talked to… they are a waste of money and time for this application. Probably better off just getting some large panels. You can find them pretty cheap at this website…

The watts produced for the given wind speeds on that turbine aren’t very high. Solar would be cheaper. Of course it depends on your location. If its not consistently sunny and the wind always blows and blows hard then maybe it would be a good idea. I’m always somewhat dismayed by the comments about the brick charger referring to it being AC at its output. Its a rectifier that takes AC and converts it to DC for input to the Bluetti device. These Bluetti devices are just battery banks that have an inverter supplying the AC outlets. Additionally they contain a charge controller for using solar panels for battery charging. Everything is then put together in a nice portable package. They require DC inputs for charging. What your proposing should work if the input voltage is at an acceptable level. The Bluetti (brick) charger port is made to receive a steady, consistent DC voltage. I believe that voltage is 58.8 VDC If I recall. The solar input port can receive a varying voltage if I understand correctly because the MPPT charge controller regulates that.

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Thanks for the info guys.

As doecliff mentions, indeed my location is not always sunny (Brittany, France) and it is often windy, catching those Atlantic wind patterns all through the year. This is in principle why i am even considering this possible option, as the Bluetti would be powering devices during working hours (either out and about in the van or at home) and whatever the weather.

I had looked at a number of those cheap wind turbines like you get on Amazon, but they are nearly always a false economy, and the reviews of the one i mentioned show it has potential for my application (being small enough to be mobile). Charging speed is less a concern so much as ensuring some charge goes in, whatever the weather (rain or sun) during the day.

Thanks for clarifying that DC input is what the Bluetti’s need, i had overlooked that.

The type of Bluetti i’m thinking off is either the EB240 or AC200P/Max. I’m leaning in the direction of the older EB240 currently, but if that would be impossible to charge via wind, then i’d consider the AC200 as it has more options for charging and maybe that could be made to work with a wind generator?

I’d also be getting around 600W of solar panels, so yes i will mostly be looking to charge via that, but the Sun being out and strong is not the normal state of weather around here.

The wind turbine is just to improve the versatility of the whole system.

If you haven’t purchased your Bluetti system, take it from me and DON"T buy Bluetti. They have ZERO customer service. The phone number they list, nobody answers. When you leave a message, no on returns your call. Email? Their response is third world gibberish. I told them I wanted to return my system due to their poor customer service. They counter offered me a $2000.00 coupon. Sound good? Those are 2000 “Bluetti Bucks”, worth about $20.00. Don’t believe me, call the number on their website yourself. They have recorded american english speaking people on their answering machines and I’ll bet you those voices don’t work there. I too wanted to hook up wind power to my Bluetti system, after all, wind turbines are listed on their web page. Wind turbines are listed in my owners pamphlet. I emailed Bluetti about wind turbines and got this response…
“Thank you for contacting us.
What we advertised means our units support be charged via the wind turbine but no means we have the wind turbine. And sorry to tell you the charging adapter of the wind turbine is still in development, so currently you can not charge our unit via the wind turbine.
Best regards,


Thanks for the heads up Indy.

What solar generator did you buy (as in which model) out of interest?

I am aware of the customer service issue (you read enough threads and posts to understand it is what it is), and my take is that as a company in this fairly new market Bluetti has a certain amount of growing pains, but, and this is important, compared to many of the other brands they do know how to make actually good quality products.

I like the youtube review guy from Hobotech as he does some of the most indepth independent tests on most brands and he always is impressed with Bluetti.

So in relation to my question your quote from the email you received about the same thing is that in theory yes you can charge a Bluetti solar generator by wind, they just have not developed the exact adapter to do so yet.

So that is at least pretty clear and i will hold off on buying that D400. Thank you so much for your post Indy, and i’m sorry you have had a bad experience over it, but thanks for sharing :+1:

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For what it’s worth, I now have 6 Bluetti products including the OG AC200 which was a crowdfunding project that I was VERY hesitant about doing… and have YET to have a major issue. I did receive a EB150 unit that had a faulty charging brick, but after shooting them a direct email to their service department, I had a new one at my door within 5 business days.

You’re always going to read and hear about the negative experiences, and quite frankly I appreciate and actually tend to look for those first when researching a company and product! Because that’s where you’re going to find the things to look out for. You use negative experiences to grow from, and in my opinion, @BLUETTI has done just that in the few years they have vastly grown. Now opening up service/customer support centers in Vegas, they are taking the proper steps to fix the issues that you hear about.

As far the wind turbines go and that email you received @Indy I agree with @CK0Co2 and believe the support rep just thought you were requesting details on when their turbine product would be available. From what I’ve heard, that is something they have been working on, but like others have pointed out… realistically they aren’t nearly as efficient as PV, and the demand for them isn’t as high, so I’d imagine Bluetti is focusing their attention/priorities elsewhere for now.

I’m sorry to hear about your experiences @Indy and wish it could’ve been handled differently but without knowing the details of the situation, hard to justify one way or another. What was the problem with the “$2000” unit you were having? These units are heavy and expensive to ship, so I’d imagine trying to rectify an issue would be ideal before anyone would want to deal with the return process. Specially if it the main issue was just “lousy customer service”. There’s a lot of people both on this community page and Bluetti’s Facebook page that are more then willing to help.


And just to add to the mix, twice now I have contacted Bluetti and gotten help both times. The first time I called and left a message and my call was returned within 12 hours and the second time I emailed and got a response within 24 hours. I don’t doubt others experience though. These “solar generators” are a very popular thing right now and there are only 3 or 4 companies that hold the largest share of the market. Bluetti is one of them. If you think their customer service sucks then you will really hate one of the dozens of no name companies out there. Stick with Bluetti or another major player or buy the components separately and build one yourself. The beauty is that we have so many choices available. I do worry as well though because these units are expensive and I don’t have unlimited funds to throw away but at least Bluetti is here and working to improve. They do have customer service despite what others claim.

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I’m hooking up a 500 watt wind turbine soon to see if I can get any wattage at night
I am off grid in the Forrest so I get only a few hours of sun and wind
Also bought a $300 1000 watt water turbine I could use on a nearby creek
I have the Bluetti AC 200 and about 1000 watts of panels that I only get max 500 watts so far.
Good luck!!

My plan is to use the 500 watt wind mill to charge a battery bank and the hook up the Bluetti AC 200 directly to the battery bank via the cable provided by Bluetti
I would only get 100 watts input with a 12 volt battery bank, but I could put batteries in series to increase the wattage
I do this now with some spare batteries that I keep charged with my gas generator and a battery charger as a temporary fix to provide power at night

Sounds interesting, let us know how it goes for you :smiley:

I agree with @Indy.

I ordered the AC300 package back in 2021-09, Bluetti missed both their original ship date and their updated ship date. By the time they shipped the components to me, I was already on the road and they had to be re shipped at my expense to my location. Although there was no shipping damage as many had described, one of my four batteries had no electronics installed. Panel with holes where buttons, screen, etc should. A blatant lack of quality control. But still I was willing to trek on , I contacted Bluetti, sent them photos and they would not send me a new battery until I sent the damaged one back. So, another month?, three months, more until I get a fully working system? I told them to take it all back. It has been 8 months since Bluetti has had my $7000, it has been two months they have had their equipment back, and yet I am still out $7000 and 8 months and counting of interest. Take this into account if you deal with Bluetti. Good luck.

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It should be called a wind powered generator because it does not generate wind unless it runs as a fan instead of a turbine. And it does not mill wind!