Can the EB3A be used as a DC UPS for internet router and modem?

Both can run at 12v. I figure they should run for much longer than if the AC inverter were used. Please advise as to whether or not it can be used this way.

DC side uses the battery, so to use the UPS function, you need to run it thru the AC side.

In that case,iIs there any downside to powering them 24/7 from the EB3A’s battery, with the EB3A plugged in to AC? I mean, presumably the EB3A will continue to power them if the AC power into the EB3A is cut, up until the battery’s are drained.

@neverdie Thats how I have been running my patio edison lights and it works like a charm. This does put a constant load on the battery itself, put with lifepo4 cells, I definitely am not worried about cycle life with this unit. Using the DC circuitry is generally more efficient as well, so you’ll probably pull less watts then running it thru the AC inverter, when shore/AC power is cut. Hope this helps but let me know if you got any questions

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