Can the EB3A be charged from 400W vehicle 115v outlet?

I removed my 12v outlet, and replaced with a brake controller in my Gladiator. I still have a 115v 400w plug on console. When I plug the EB3A into it, I get a quick shutdown of power … I even tried using Turbo mode, but still no go. Does it have to charge from 12v in vehicle?

I am guessing the load-Amp draw is to much for your car. those outlets used to be for cigarette lighters "More amps thicker wire… Well from researching my Ford explorer after blowing 3 of my outlets. 10amps it does not handle anymore. more like 5amp. This is what I had found with mine just a suggestion. Not really sure. But I was charging an old jackery at the time. :X

Hi @10acboy , You mean use your car to charge EB3A, right?
If it is DC charging, you need a T200 adapter. AC charging is allowed.

ok, that makes sense … I was confused as to why it wouldn’t charge from the 110v in my vehicle.
thanks for the input. I really appreciate the quick response.

Well, may not be making sense … tried downloading a couple pics, but I’m not allowed to yet. Anyways, here’s the issue.
I removed my 12v cig plug to make room for a brake controller. So no 12v plug in the vehicle now.
I have a 115v 400w plug in my truck’s console (inverter).
I was on a trip this weekend and forgot my solar panels to charge up my EB3A, so I tried plugging in the EB3A to the 115v 400w plug in my truck. After starting the truck and letting it idle, the EB3A began to charge, but would shut down the process. Then it would try again, and then again shut down. I can plug my dometic fridge into the outlet and it works just fine … but the EB3A does not charge from that outlet.

I can send pics if needed.

The quality of the power output from your 400 watt car inverter is probably not compatible with the Eb3a. Secondly if the power was compatible, you need to adjust the charge rate to less than fast charging.

I just charged from 90% to 99% in 5 min using Turbo mode, however, the app showed indication that it was charging, but at 0watts. When it got to 99%, it dropped briefly to 98% and then back to 99% and then showed it was charging at 319w. Then it dropped back to 0w again. I left it on a couple more mintues, but it never finished the charge. I like this unit, but I feel it’s got some issues.

Before you give up on the unit I would try charging the same way with a regular household AC outlet to narrow down is the issue with your inverter in your vehicle or is it with the Bluetti itself

yes, I’ve done that. it works fine on house current, but has issues on the truck inverter. I have a Dometic 45 fridge that I can plug in and it works without any issues. I’m trying other items to see if there is an issue with inverter, but so far it appears to be the EB3A that’s faulty.

It’s not the Bluetti. Your inverter is out putting non Pure-sine wave AC power. The AC input to your Bluetti needs to be pure sine wave it’s not powering a power brick it’s going straight into the inverter/charger.

Your troubleshooting you did show your Bluetti will charge fine with regular household AC power. This shows that the Bluetti is fine and it’s the source of power that is the issue not the other way around

Ok, well I plan to keep playing around with this. I have an appointment with my jeep dealership tomorrow and will verify the power. Really like the unit, but it is a little small for my needs. I may be getting something bigger soon :grimacing: I’m watching for something similar in around a 1000wh size.

Thanks again for your help.

I have a 2022 ram 1500 with that 150V 400W outlet and the EB3A does the same thing as you described. Sometimes it even throws a short. I was talking with support about it but they haven’t really offered any solutions.
Scott thank you for explaining the sine wave bit, I’m new to this stuff and this is my first power station. I have to admit I’m disappointed that I can’t charge from the truck AC. RAM didn’t give us a cig plug in the back, I ended up buying a 120ac to 12vdc adapter and that seems to be working ok, charging at 85w. I may just install a cig plug somewhere under the rear seats.

You need a pure sine wave output inverter to work with charging the way you are describing. The inverters in most vehicles are low quality non pure sine wave inverters. Kind of like asking your gasoline car to run on diesel fuel.

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