Can’t use AC option on my Bluetti AC500 while charging from my gas generator (won’t allow pass through charging)

If I charge my AC500 using my gas generator WITHOUT THE AC OPTION ON, it charges perfectly (1700 watts approx input). However, the second I turn my AC option on while charging with the gas generator, the bluetti faults out showing a “grid voltage low” and “grid frequency low”. I tested my gas generator (Honda 3200 inverter) and it’s AC output reads 118 volts and 59.97 Hz. So it seems to be right on target. Any suggestions?

Try a lower grid input current. Maybe 15A is too much. Start with 5A, if it works see how high you can go.

@bluetti_chuckporterhotmailca Please check that the AC output voltage and frequency settings of the machine are consistent with the AC load specifications. Please try to reset the factory setting.