Can’t charge AC300 split phase with Westinghouse gas generator

With my 2 AC 300s operating in split phase, the AC output stops when I try charging with my WGEN 5300 gas generator. I am using the special Bluetti split phase charging cable. I started with charging amps at 30, and went down in increments of 5 and stopped at15 amps charging. Same result. I have not tried using a neutral ground bonding plug yet. Is that what I need?I need to be able to charge with the 3000 watts from the generator to supplement the 4 T500s on rainy days.

Hi @Fieldre , The AC output frequency of your gas generator needs to be the same as AC300 before it can be charged. Could you please check it?

I checked the frequency and it reads 62 hz with no load.

Another possibility is the AC300 doesn’t like the modified sine wave of a non inverter generator. I have a few chargers that won’t work unless they have a pure sine wave. 62hz doesn’t sound real good either.

Thanks for the response. The Ac300 shows 122 volts and 62.28 Hz on the AC input information but 0 watts. Then the AC output shuts down. So I guess I may need another generator that produces sine wave output. Does anybody have recommendations for a gas generator? Needs to produce 240 since I’m running split phase.

A Honda eu 7000 would be great. Powerful and quiet! But expensive and you cannot get them in California.
For much less money, a Predator from Harbor Freight works fine and they have a good warranty!
Both of these are inverter generators.

Go to Gavin’s Garage YouTube channel. He tests a ton of generators and appears to be non-bias. I have the above Honda EU700i and its an awesome generator which will probably last several life times but I think some of the ones he’s tested makes more financial sense unless you are going to be putting a lot of hours on it.

Thanks for the tip! I would love a Honda generator, but they are quite expensive. I am finding it hard to draw the line in spending so much money on this setup. I will look at getting one of the less expensive inverter generators.

Fieldre - I would suggest that you lookup or contact the manufacture of your generator. They should be able to tell you how to adjust your generator so that you get 120v @ 60herts or very near it when under loads. Basically your generator will lower it’s voltage and frequency under load… thus your AC300 will reject the incoming power because it’s not deemed to be clean. I had to do the same with my gas generator too.