Can someone explain to this to me? (For my AC300s)


The 3,000 watt rated inverter can:

Run a 3100 wall indefinitely.
Run 3100 to 3750 watts for two minutes.
Run 3750 to 4500 watts for 5 seconds
Run 4500 to 6000 watts for 1/2 of a second

Before the overload trips.

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Thanks a million I really appreciate the help!

I’m assuming this is or a single AC300?
I haven’t even looked but any idea where I can find similar information for a pair of ac300s linked together?

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If you mean linked as in a split phase operation, the power is effectively doubled, assuming that the 240 VAC load is balanced as for a major appliance , unless it is in a home or business where there are uneven loads across each phase. In this case, the first phase that overloads the AC300 feeding it will cause both to trip.