Can not spin Lucky Draw

Each time I try to spin lucky draw, I get 504 error on GET request. Tried different browsers logging in/out, clearing cookies.
Some time previously I got a message that this e-mail is not satisfying the rules this might be true if I need to spend >1000 with a single order, but as an overall spent for the period, it has more than a 1000 long ago,
I’m using the same email for the Bluetti account as for this forum, please let me know what happens. Thanks.

Same issue here. I can’t spin.

I emailed @BLUETTI and they say they are looking into it.

Can spin it now but I get:
Sorry, you’re not eligible. Please check the rules

Rules says that:
1.Every user with over 1000€ spent has 1 lucky draw chance by default.
2.Time:2022/11/10 00:00-2022/11/30 23:59(CET).

I`ve spent way more than 1000€ in this period of time, so it is still a bug, or you are trying to fool your clients not making change to the first rule like this:

1.Every user who spent over 1000€ for a single order has 1 lucky draw chance by default.

Yes I thought I should get to spin also. I spent over $3000
Ran into similar problems.

@Bvr Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies in the browser you were using by chance? This might help?

I’ll try that. Thanks!

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