Can I use fewer Larger Watt Solar Panels

For my AC300 + 3 B300s, I’d like to max the PV input of 2700watts with the least amount of Solar Panels. I understand that 200, 300 or even 400 watt panels will be larger, but as this set up is not a permanent one, I’d rather haul a few larger panels than 24 smaller ones.
What do I need to consider while researching this?
I see 350 and 400watt monocrystalline panels that are 24v and 48v.
Do I simply need to make sure that the voltage doesn’t supersede 150v?
I understand if wired in series, the voltage will be the sum of the panel voltages but is there something else to consider if they are wired parallel?

Hi @rickw , Charging the machine with a larger wattage solar panel is certainly no problem, just make sure the VOC is within the AC300 maximum limit, otherwise it will burn out the machine.

As for the connection method, we recommend series connection.
Because the voltage increases after series connection, the charging efficiency is higher. After parallel connection, the current increases, the voltage does not change, and the connection cables needs to be thicker.