Can I use bluetti ac200max to charge a separate 12V LiPo battery

Suggestions? I read the manual and specs and this scenario isn’t shown.

I believe there is another user on the forums who has done that. Can’t remember his user name now though.

I believe you can, since every Bluetti power station has a 12 VDC outlet.

@philfr212 , We are very sorry, but BLUETTI machines cannot charge lithium batteries.

Thanks for the reply!

unless of course you want to charge it via a 120v external 12v charger. this works but there are losses in efficiency.

There is no special output jack for this. You can’t use it as a charge controller or whatever.
You just use whatever LiPo battery charger you have. Plug it into the ac200 as you would a wall outlet, as it has pass-through charging, (provides power while charging.)