Can I use bluetti ac200max to charge a separate 12V LiPo battery

Suggestions? I read the manual and specs and this scenario isn’t shown.

I believe there is another user on the forums who has done that. Can’t remember his user name now though.

I believe you can, since every Bluetti power station has a 12 VDC outlet.

@philfr212 , We are very sorry, but BLUETTI machines cannot charge lithium batteries.

Thanks for the reply!

unless of course you want to charge it via a 120v external 12v charger. this works but there are losses in efficiency.

There is no special output jack for this. You can’t use it as a charge controller or whatever.
You just use whatever LiPo battery charger you have. Plug it into the ac200 as you would a wall outlet, as it has pass-through charging, (provides power while charging.)

to charge a “12v” lithium battery (or any battery), you have to overdrive the voltage by a bit, so it takes more than 12v to charge it. chargers put out more than the nominal listed voltage. on the other hand, the bluetti I believe actually puts out 12 v, so it doesn’t have the necessary voltage. most 12v batteries actually put out more than 13v when fully charged, so you have to overcome that number to get it fully charged.