Can I hookup two EB3A together?

I’ve got two EB3A laying around and would like to hook them up so they provide longer run time at night. What’s the proper way to do this?

Right now one unit is charging from solar panels, and the other is in my workshop connected to mains. Would like to have two units daisy chained together all powered by solar.

Something like this -

Appreciate it.

Hi @sleepyrice

You cant really connected them together. You could build something for yourself. The simplest method would be to run your loads through EB3A 1 while being charged via AC from EB3A 2. Since the Unit have AC Passthrough, it would discharge EB3A 2 and switch to the Internet Battery from EB3A 1 to continue run the load.

Solar can be connected to EB3A 2.

Maybe there are better solutions, but thats the one i think of instandly.


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