Can I connect two B300s to EB240?

Can I connect two B300s to EB240?
One EB240 to one of the B300 through the P090D to DC7909 cable
and the B300 to other B300 through P090D expansion cable? Thanks.

Hi @Bill1

As you say, you can connect one Unit with P090D to DC7909 cable.

In order to say if you can connect 2 B300 together and then use it, we will need to know how the B300 act together. If they are connected in series, then it wont work because the voltage is too high.

@BLUETTI Can you say more about this?




The B300 and EB240 can be connected in the way you described.
But please note that this will not increase the total capacity, it is just a power bank mode.

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@BLUETTI Could you explain it a bit more? What do you mean by power bank mode?
If connecting one B300 to EB240 is increasing the battery capacity to ~5.5kWh while the power output remains at ~1kWh. If I connect two B300 to EB240 will the battery capacity increase to ~8.5kWh.


Please refer to the figure below.
Charging mode refers to the battery pack charging the host and does not increase the total capacity of the host.

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That helps. Thank you.

Its acting like you connection the AC Outlet or a Solarpanel