Can I connect two AC200P units?

We have three AC200P units, but we really need 50% more battery capacity for our usage.

Is it possible to connect our solar input to one AC200P, then use the AC charger and plug a second AC200P in line so it gets charged by the first as needed? I realize it’s not the most efficient, but would it work OK?

If the new B230 batteries work with the AC200P where we can charge them both with solar while they are connected, it may be the way we go. I don’t want to be swapping cables all the time - just set it up and leave it.

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I believe u can connect the D050S to panels/car charger (I made the mistake thinking the D059S could also plug into AC wall but apparently not) then connect output to the B230/B300 and then use the battery expansion connector cable to charge the AC200p. But that is based on doc since don’t have my b230 yet.

Not sure about daisy chaining the other ac200p sogens.

@markieboy711 yes I don’t see why not! Def will see some inverter losses but it’s definitely doable. And like @roxie60 mentioned… if you get the enhancer, you can up your solar input of the “1st” ac200p by up to 500w!! Potentially giving you 1200w solar input!! That would def help with the losses by charging the other units.:metal:

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I agree with m.briney, that should work no worries.

As far as daisy chaining everything, it should all work. The problem is the one you noted, efficiency.

If you can take the extra energy loss, then no worries at all.

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