Can I Connect AC200P to the Travel Trailer Shore Power

All I want to know is if I can connect the AC200P to the shore power connection on my travel trailer, either with the aircraft connection or just one of the 11v outlets with a cord converter.

OR, has anyone set up a better way of connecting?

you could look on the inside of your RV, find the power, look inside the power converter for the location of the incoming wires from your shore power cable input and put a transfer switch between the incoming shore power wires and a second cord that you could install leading to the location of your AC200.

Then you could flip the transfer switch to choose the AC200 source or your shore power cord source. Failure to install the transfer switch would energize the male tip of your shore power cord any anyone touching the bared ends would shock themselves.

If all that sounds like too much, just install a 10 gauge extension cord from your shore power plug location to the AC200 location. Buy a short (1 to 2 feet) 12 ga. 90 degree plug end 120 Volt volt extension cord to plug directly into the AC200. This way the plug will feed straight downward and the heavy 10 ga. extension cord will not stick straight out form the AC200 socket which creates lots of down force. T he 90 degree cord will tuck in much better as well.


Cool. Thanks! Just got the trailer. Just ordered the Bluetti.


To whoever is watching this… I saw a split 15a 120V adapter to 30a RV shore power plug. The idea would be take one each of the Bluetti AC200P standard plugs, turn them into the 30a plug. That way, the surge load (for something like AC with ramp up device) of the 200P could be used. More power than a single 120v 200p plug would give. I also have one of the ground slugs that plugs into open female plug on the 200P if needed.

Anyone tried this? I have been looking for the Y adapter that takes the two 15a plug, combines to a single 30a RV plug. Thanks.

All of the AC200 AC plugs are connected together. You will not get more available amperage by combining two or even more plugs. The max available does not increase by combining AC sockets.

Thank you for the response. Was afraid they were combined under one circuit. Will live with the limits of this plug until the 300 package is delivered.